Dwelling Place Open Heaven Worship Center

Above all powersVictory1-o Your Blood Lord Jesus
All consuming FireIntimacy, Commitment2-Because You Live
All Hail King JesusWorship3-let Your Presence
All I want to doCommitment, Intimacy4-I will worship
All to Jesus I surrenderRepentance, Full Gospel5-i fall down
Amazing GraceBlood, Victory6-You are my air I breathe
AnointingIntimacy7-All consuming Fire
As the deerLove, Worship8-You were wounded
Because You LiveLove, Victory9-i receive Your Blood
BeautifulVictory10-i feel You Jesus
Cause meIntimacy, Revival11-My Jesus my Savior
Change my heartIntimacy, LovePlaylist2a
Come Holy SpiritBlood, Revival, Victory1-Holy Ghost
Come, O ComeIntimacy, Revival, Victory2-I turn my eyes
Come to me LordIntimacy, Revival, Blood3-Like the woman
Create in me a clean heartWorship4-I am washed
Deep in my soulIntimacy, Worship5-Light of Your world
EmanuelIntimacy6-Come o come
Fill my heart LordIntimacy, Revival7-All Hail King Jesus
For You are LordWorship8-This is Holy Ground
For You oh LordWorship9-I was there
Have Your Own Way LordIntimacy10-Just as I am
Holy GhostIntimacy, Revival11-With You
Holy, Holy, HolyWorship12-Lord Your Blood
Holy is Your WillBlood, Intimacy, WorshipPlaylist3a
Holy Spirit Revival, Victory1-Anointing
Hungry Intimacy, Love2-this is my desire
I am set FreeBlood, Victory3-when i feel my Saviors Hand
I am washed Blood, Victory4-all i want to do
I fall downIntimacy, Love6-o yes and did
I feel You JesusIntimacy, Commitment, Love7-i know my Lord
I give thanksVictory8-i will wait
I got PeaceVictory9-in Christ alone
I got the joyVictory10-Jesus in Heaven
I have come to JesusBlood, Victory11-come Holy Spirit
I have decided to follow JesusBlood, Commitment13-Holy Spirit
I hear my Savior sayBlood, Commitment14-Emanuel
I kneel for Your BloodIntimacy, Blood, Full Gospel15-my Jesus is the awesome
I know my Lord Intimacy, Revival, Victorya
I love You foreverIntimacy, Commitment, RevivalPlaylist4a
I love You LordLove1-I worship You Lord
I love You Lord and I lift my heartRevival, Intimacy, Love2-I seek first
I receive Your BloodBlood, Intimacy3-Fill my heart Lord
I seek firstVictory, Intimacy4-Change my heart
I turn my eyesIntimacy, Victory5-Purify my heart
I was thereFaith, Intimacy, Full Gospel6-Jesus You are my center
I will waitCommitment, Love7-All to Jesus I surrender
I will worshipIntimacy8-I have decided
I worship You Almighty LordWorship9-Let Your Living Waters
I worship You LordWorship, Intimacy10-My Hope
I’m so gladVictory11-You are my Lord that Heals me
In Christ alone Blood, Commitment, Victory12-Open the eyes of my heart
In Christ alone my hope is foundWorship, Full Gospel13-I love You Lord
In Your PresenceIntimacy, Healing14-Spirit of The Living Lord
Into Your ChambersIntimacyPlaylist5a
It is no secretVictory, Revival1-The steadfast Love of my Lord
I’ve got a riverRevival, Full Gospel2-I got the Joy
I yield to You LordLove3-Into Your Chambers
Jesus ChristVictory, Full Gospel4-I love You Lord
Jesus Christ I think upon Your SacrificeVictory, Blood5-Sweep over my soul
Jesus in HeavenVictory6-Come to me Lord
Jesus I need to know true loveIntimacy, Love7-Shut in with You Lord
Jesus, JesusLove8-Jesus in the morning
Jesus in the morningLove9-It is no secret
Jesus of LifeRevival, Healing, Intimacy, Victory10-I am set free
Jesus You are my centerIntimacy11-I kneel for Your Blood
Jesus, You’re so GoodIntimacy12-I have come to Jesus
Just as I amBlood13-As the deer
Just one drop of your BloodIntimacy, Blood, HealingPlaylist6a
Leaning on YouIntimacy, Victory1-The Splendor of my King
Let Your Living WatersVictory, Blood2-Jesus of Life
Let Your PresenceIntimacy3-in Your Presence
Light of Your worldIntimacy4-You are my Redeemer
Like the womanHealing5-Thank You Jesus
Lord I come to YouLove6-You o Lord
Lord I lift Your Blood up highWorship, Victory7-Cause me
Lord Jesus I love YouLove, Worship, Blood8-Hungry
Lord Your BloodBloodPlaylist7a
More than everIntimacy, Love1-Jesus Christ (1)
My hopeBlood, Victory1-Jesus Christ
My Jesus is the Awesome Love2-O Your Blood
My Jesus, My SaviorLove, Worship3-Jesus, Jesus
O Your BloodBlood4-Jesus I need to know true Love
O yes and didBlood5-Just one drop of your Blood
O Your Blood Lord JesusBlood6-Thank You for Your Blood
Only believeCommitment7-When the miusic fades
Open the eyes of my heart Intimacy, Revival, Victory
Pass me notWorship
Peace, Peace, Sovereign PeaceIntimacy, Victory
Purify my heartIntimacy, Love
Shut in with YouIntimacy
SometimesLove, Intimacy, Victory
Spirit of The Living LordRevival
Standing somewhere in the shadowsVictory
Sweep over my soulIntimacy
Thank You for Your WillVictory, Healing
Thank You JesusBlood
Thank You LordLove
The Blood that Jesus ShedBlood
The Splendor of my KingVictory, Worship
The steadfast Love of my LordIntimacy, Victory
There is a NameLove
There’s a wind a-blowingRevival
This is Holy groundWorship, Victory
This is my desireCommitment, Intimacy
This is my dayWorship
To God be the GloryFull Gospel
What a fellowshipVictory
What a Mighty LordWorship
What will wash away my sinsBlood
When I feel my Saviors handIntimacy, Victory
When I look into Your HolinessWorship, Love
When the music fadesWorship, Intimacy, Revival
With YouVictory
You are my air I breathe Intimacy
You are my Lord that Heals meHealing, Intimacy, Victory
You are my RedeemerWorship
You bind the broken heartedIntimacy, Revival
You o Lord Commitment, Victory
You were woundedHealing, Victory, Full Gospel