Recommended Books

1. Rees Howells Intercessor
by Norman Grubb

Having a relationship with Holy Spirit behind the veil of God’s Realm.

Follow Rees Howells’ Holy Spirit Guided Intercession.

This book changed my life.

2. Good Morning Holy Spirit
by Benny Hinn

Since Benny Hinn received the desire from Holy Spirit to move in deeper and continue to walk in Holy Spirit’s Presence, I can receive the same.

3. Azusa Street Revival: They told me their Stories, storyteller Tommy Welchel

The visible Shekinah Glory of God and the visible Flames of Fire coming from Heaven to Impact God’s people on the earth.

4. Revival in the Hebrides
by Duncan Campbell

Heaven Came Down to Meet God’s people and God Gave His Presence in Answer to His people’s hunger for Him.

5. The Importance of Forgiveness
by John Arnott

Forgiveness is fundamental for your life to receive Freedom from the past and Freedom for the present.

6. Smith Wigglesworth on Healing

Receiving Healing from God’s Point of View.

7. Waiting on God
by Andrew Murray

Receive a deeper Reality of God’s Presence in your life.

8. Living a Life of Fire
by Reinhard Bonnke

Holy Ghost Fire!

Follow the Path of the Lord for Reinhard Bonnke’s life, a Path filled with Holy Spirit Results.

9. The Heavenly man by brother Yun with Paul Hattaway

God will Do the impossible when we become nothing and He becomes All.

10. I dared to call Him Father
by Bilquis Sheikh

God can Reach any hungry soul anywhere anytime. The Miraculous story of a muslim woman’s encounter with God.

11. The days of vengeance
by David Chilton

Verse by verse Enlightenment of the book of Revelation as the Bible explains the Bible.