Relationship With Lord Jesus

God’s time

On Monday night at 2:00 A.M. I was awakened from my sleep. I picked up my bible and started to read because I thought: ‘darkness does not want me to sleep’. Then I fell back asleep. For the next two nights the same thing happened to me: I would wake up in the middle of the night and read my bible to counteract darkness not wanting me to sleep. Than on Thursday I was awakened again at 2:00 A.M and this time Holy Spirit Spoke to me: “Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet, this is My time”. I embraced Holy Spirit than fell back to sleep.

My explanation: When a person has been Called into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, then there is only Holy Spirit that Controls time and interaction with that person. I was just ignorant the first three days.

Lord Jesus, my Leader

I had a dream that I slid down into an underground river with a very strong current. I saw a person swimming with the current and started to swim behind that person, then I woke up. Two days later
I asked: “Lord what was the dream all about” and the Lord Said: “I Lead you, you follow Me”.

My Revelation: It was precise and the understanding was very clear to me. I will always walk behind the Lord Jesus and I will just stay very, very close to Lord Jesus at all times.

You have a heart bigger than David

I went swimming. Then Holy Spirit Spoke to me and Said: “on your back”, so I did. Then Holy Spirit Said: “repent”, so I tried. Then again Holy Spirit Said in a louder voice: “Repent”, so I tried to. Then again Holy Spirit Said louder: “REPENT” and I thought it was going to take me all night long and I tried to. And then Holy Spirit Said: “you have a heart bigger than David”.
I asked: “Lord Jesus what are you Talking about” and Holy Spirit Said: “you have the BLOOD and David did not”.

My knowing: In the old testament days, they had the law and death often was the penalty. Today, true repentance is Forgiveness in the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus that Washes everything Clean.

Your heart is much bigger than David

I was again in my swimming pool and when I started to get out, Holy Spirit Implied …..’don’t’… so I just stayed in Holy Spirit’s Presence in the water. Then I tried again and Holy Spirit Implied again ‘don’t’… so I laid back and started to repent and then Holy Spirt Said: “you have a heart much bigger than David”.

My knowing: I have understood from my heart the exceeding abundance of ‘the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus’ and from Lord Jesus Saying: “It Is Finished”.

My explanation: I have all the relationship with Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit that king David had with God. Except I have more than king David could ever have with God in his physical ways, because he could not be purely Forgiven before God. Because of the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus, I am daily the apple of God’s Eye as He Stated to me.

“I will give you my life”

Holy Spirit Asked me to tell Him: “I will give you my life”. I knew there was no turning back if I made this commitment. I thought with my mind and I thought with my heart. Then my heart won and I said: “I will give you my life”. This is very sobering and I know now that my tomorrows will never be mine again. The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus and God are and will be mine. Now, forever and for Eternity, and this is a comfort and Peace that surpasses all understanding.
My revelation and my knowing: I am consciously transforming on a daily basis and everything is more peaceful and fulfilling than ever before.

I had a dream: Pursuit for Truth that sets you Free

I saw a little boy playing policeman who had desired to be a policeman throughout childhood. When he got of age he filled out a policeman questionnaire and sent it in, in return he was asked to come to the station. When he got there, the police station found out he had braces and crutches for both legs, but they would not let him go because he had the highest score that they had ever received on the questionnaire. They wanted to hire and had to hire him to uplift the moral of the other policeman and keep it at that high level. When I awoke I asked the Lord: “why did you give me that dream” and He Spoke and Said: “this is how you are in pursuit of Me and My Kingdom on earth and in Heaven and in pursuit of Spirit and Truth that sets you Free”.

My confirmation: of what is in my heart and being for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, in Heaven and Spirit and Truth that sets you Free on earth today. Question: Isn’t everybody like this? But I know it is not, and my heart cries.

Lift up Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit to the highest

When I was worshiping, The Lord Implied to me to go through the manual one more time and to lift Him up and illuminate Him to the highest level that I possibly can in this manual and to do the same in the song book.

All about the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus

I was thinking about Abraham while he was at the altar and had already sacrificed his son in his heart. Then Holy Spirit Said to me: “you have a bigger heart than Abraham”. Then I just knew, it was all about the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus that I have total access to, and nothing else comes into play.
As Lord Jesus Proclaims: “It Is Finished”.

Sixth level came down on me

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, body, soul, mind and strength. Heaven Opened and a gold film came down around me and went in under my feet. Then the Lord Implied to me and I knew I was completely Victorious in all things and that is still with me today. Your Will and Your Ways only Lord Jesus.

Presence of the Lord

After the Lord had done the Miracle for my house I continued taking my time in the morning with the Lord in my bedroom. For hours I would be in His Presence, not picking up the phone, not ever make appointments before 12 and just receive my Breakthroughs in the Lord’s Presence. And every morning the Lord would come and Break through with His Presence in my life. And the Lord Told me: “Your house is to you what the belly of the fish was to Jonah”. I was very isolated. I had nothing in my life, the only thing I knew to do was going in the Presence of the Lord. So after I had my time with the Lord in the mornings, I would go to my living room and continue to be on my knees and seek the Lord until He would fill me some more. I also was dealing with feelings of despair about my life and feelings deep in my heart of utter loneliness. But every time I had these feelings, I would go on my knees and every time the Lord would come through and Fill my heart. Then I would get up, go my way and a few hours later I would have this loneliness and desperation again. I would go on my knees, seek the Face of the Lord and again He would Come through with His Presence and lift my loneliness. Then I would go for a walk or go on a bicycle ride to be with the Lord some more. The Lord had Spoken those 2 things into my life: “Go on a bicycle ride” and “Go for a walk”.

This was Transformation season in my life. Healing and Fullness of Holy Spirit started to replace all other feelings. That is where I learned to really be in the Presence of the Lord as the Center in my life and this has never left me.

Reaching out to the Lord

When I said: “Lord why do you talk so little to me”? the Lord Replied: “My greatest gift to you is to pull My Hand away from you, for you to come to Me instead of Me Coming to you”.


One time I was fasting for one day. I was prepared and spend all day with the Lord. By the end of the day the Lord still had not Spoken to me or Revealed Himself and I said: “Lord I spend all day with You fasting and You did not come to me at all”. At that moment my eye fell on the picture of a man that was Called of the Lord and greatly used.

The picture was on a book cover that was laying on the table and the Lord Spoke to me and Said: “If you don’t have respect for this man, how can you have respect for Me”.

You want Me

Another time when the Lord was further Delivering me from the violin that was very deep in my heart, I was lying in bed and said: “Lord if You don’t give me the violin then at least give me a husband”. I instantly felt the very Loving Presence of Holy Spirit Come over me and He Said: “That is not what you want, you want Me”. The pain in my heart was gone. The Lord strips everything out of our lives if it stands between Him and us.

1994 People

This testimony is very special to me because many times you hear man say the opposite, but I know what the Lord Spoke to me: One day I found myself cut off from everything. I did not see or hear anybody all day long and I was just by myself. I got depressed and felt somewhat hopeless and I was seeking the Lord all day long. Next day still the same situation, I did not see or hear anybody all day long and was all by myself. I still felt depressed and kept seeking the Lord all day. Then the next day still I had no contact with anybody outside and was all by myself, but felt a little better. Suddenly Holy Spirit weld up inside of me and Filled me with His Presence. Then He Spoke and Said: “See, you don’t need people”.  I felt joyful, complete and hope was back in my life. I knew; Jesus is more than enough for anything and everything in any situation and I don’t need people.

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