Holy Spirit Dominion

December 15, 2012

The Lord Taking Dominion in this world. I had a dream: In my dream a little girl was talking to me about all these people that do not move into the fullness of what the Lord has for them. I agreed, because I could see that. Then suddenly she looked me straight in the eyes and said: “You are not even aware that I am talking about you”. It pierced and shook me to the bone and I tried to shake it off but it was too late, I had been spoken to. When I woke up, I said: “Lord I really want everything that you have for my life, whatever it is and whatever the cost”.

Then things started to happen that same day that made me realize that the Lord did not want us to go on our trip to Holland. We had airplane tickets to leave the following day, but we cancelled our trip. Now we had no agenda for four weeks being at home and we were totally open for anything. Going to a church the next day, the pastor mentioned about a public hearing to be held that week that would approve a variance to a protective ruling that was voted in for our county to keep a marijuana dispensary at least 1,800 feet away from public places. I had received a letter about that in the mail but had trashed it. Earlier that week, Gene had come home and mentioned it. But this time hearing it in church something snapped and I knew we had to go. When we were driving to the hearing, the Presence of the Lord was suddenly with us. Like I was behind Him as He was Facing forward and He had Direction and Purpose. We were following Him.

Then the meeting was over and they had approved the variance. As I stood by the car, I looked over at the building and the Lord Spoke again: “My Presence that was with you in the car has now come down in the building department”. We appealed the decision and knew that it was our job to do something about it. Then the appeal hearing was scheduled only one week away. A friend called the head of the planning department whom she knew and over the speaker phone we could hear: “tell your friends to give up because we have no reason not to approve that variance”. Then on Thursday the district supervisor of the county we live in came to meet and talk with us. When he said: “they did everything according to the law and it is only medical”, we felt a dark cloud of discouragement come over us that lasted for a few hours. Then something rose up inside of us and we felt stronger than ever before to fight. The Lord Gave us the idea to take up a petition and for the next 3 days we gathered signatures. 99% of the people did not want that dispensary there. The day before the hearing the Lord Inspired us to write a letter full of arguments and we sent the letter and the signatures to all five supervisors that had to make the decision. Following day unanimously the variance was rejected and the decision was reversed. What a tremendous Victory for and from the Lord! Our community would be a drug free zone!

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