Why can’t it be true

Years ago when I was in my 20’s, some (so called) missionaries from a prideful well planned-out business being deceived as I was and disguising themselves as a church, (I refer to them as the M church) came to me. I was so desperate that I said: “why can’t IT be true”? Something entered me and from that moment on my life went up and down continually, with no gains in life. 20 Years later I was going to five different Holy Spirit churches a week that I picked out and where Holy Spirit was active. One day I came home from a church meeting. I put my hand on the door knob, then I looked up into the sky and I was up in the sky looking down at me. I saw a black snake coiled up on top of my head and then it turned into a black plastic cap that you could not see it was a snake, it looked like a perfect cap. Then I saw a hand come out of the sky below me and rip the snake/cap off of my head. Then I was back in my body screaming “IT IS A LIE” 3 times and my mind became totally free, it was from black to white and no gray areas. I am totally free. My life started to produce life and more abundantly as you will see in the testimonies.

My explanation: An empty person cannot fill themselves with another empty person that has lack, or the other empty person with lack will try to take the remaining life out of you that was originally given to you from the beginning of God’s creation. We all can be freed through The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus and receive Miracle producing Life and that more abundant. The more of The Miracle Blood, the more of Christ’s Miracle Provision for us within Christ’s Will and Ways only.

Spiritually baptized

A lady said from in front of the church: “whoever wants to speak in tongues or receive Holy Spirit come down”. I was sitting in the back row and Holy Spirit said: “step out or not”. He showed me black to the left side of me and said: “that is where you are going and you are not coming back”. I thought for a second about going outside, but then Holy Spirit spoke again and said: “That will not change things” so I took the embarrassment and went down to the front. Three ladies laid hands on my head and with my eyes closed I saw smoke come out of my chest. Then I saw the Word JESUS written on my chest. The smoke tried to come back, but bounced off from the Word JESUS and dissolved. Then the ladies went to another person and I saw a picture. I started to pray about what I saw and the ladies started to speak about what I just saw. Then it happened with the next person, then with another person and from that day forth I was free and I am still FREE TODAY.

My explanation: Deliverance must happen to a person because there is heritage sin and wrong decisions have been made in the past. We have entanglements that came from our own thoughts and actions and we need to be set free from them to be able to move ahead, to be victorious and more than a conqueror.

I did not want to live anymore, there has to be more

I went to a church on a Sunday night and I was tired of my life. A person from up front said whoever would like prayer come up. I thought: ‘I have to have something from God, I will not live without it’, so I went up and the person just said: “More Lord”. Something hit me on the back of my knees and I fell to the floor. Then I started to laugh and got totally spiritually drunk. I could not crawl or walk. It was The Spirit of God and it continued for two hours.After those hours I was free and had no cares of this world. I was delivered from the world and from myself.

My explanation: When I got home I was a free man. All of the past was taken off of my shoulders and I liked myself.


I was coming home from church from a Wednesday Bible study. As I was standing in front of the door to my house I suddenly felt like I was exploding and I ran up 3 stairways to my apartment where I fell on my knees in the living room. My hands reached up to Heaven and the Lord came and touched my heart with His Light. I saw a whole bunch of demons about 8-10 fly out and each one about a foot tall. They were black and fluttering while they disappeared. I slept and woke up early the next morning with a light in my heart that I had never known before. I desired to go outside, see trees, hear the birds and feel the sun and the wind. Since that time I felt I was on a vacation, an ongoing vacation and it has never left me. My life was freed!


I was standing in front of the person that said: “Isn’t it Jesus” and at that moment I saw a tall Light Person standing in between her and me. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor. The person that had said:” Isn’t it Jesus” knelt down beside me and prayed for a religious spirit from my ancestors. It felt like my skin was literally being pulled off of me.

Sometimes we have spiritual bondages in our lives that we don’t even know about. Only Holy Spirit can reveal this.

No gods before Me, food

The Lord said “What do you want, the violin or me”. And I struggled for a few hours with my answer. Then I said: “Lord I want You”. He took every desire to play the violin out of me that very moment. And I used to play hours every day. The Lord delivers us!

No gods before Me, food

When I desire to eat food sometimes I ask: “Lord is that ok with You”? When He says “No”, I sometimes even take it out of my mouth. Then all desire I had for the food disappears. Most important is that I ASK Jesus what He thinks about it, I line up and He comes through.


I used to have a special appetite for liquorice and one day the Lord used the word ‘gluttony’ with me. Through several years I struggled with my desire for liquorice off and on having victory until one day the Lord spoke: “It is a cheap price to pay for Eternity”. I have not touched liquorice since.

No gods before Me, delivered from my spouse

A few months after the Lord put us together the Lord said: “I want Gene back”. It shocked me and I said no because I just started to open my being for Gene. The grief of Holy Spirit came over me and I knew I had blown it. For about a year I kept asking the Lord for another chance to give Gene up. That chance came after a year; I had time with the Lord and felt very close to Him. Then He said: “Now Gene, you want to give him to Me”? I responded” “Yes Lord” and watched Gene spiritually go up in smoke as incense to the Lord. I could not touch it any more, it was gone. It was like the Lord had ripped it out of my being and I started to cry. For 3 days I cried nonstop and after about 5 days I started feeling so free that it did not matter to me any more if Gene would ever call me again. If anything I thought, it might even be better if he didn’t. But that same day he called me and told me that 5 days before he had lost my phone number and had just found it again.

Delivered from tv

While I was sitting on the couch watching a show that I enjoyed, I felt Holy Spirit knocking quietly on my heart, implying: “which is better, watching tv or seeking My Face”? At first I did not want to hear it, but it continued. Finally I got up, walked to the tv, turned it off, went back to the couch and kneeled to seek The Lord. That instant The Lord delivered me from tv and from that moment, which is more than 30 years ago, I never watched tv again. When I come in a place where the tv is on, it irritates me and I walk out.

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