Healing Teaching

When I have pain or discomforts, I just open my heart and cry out ‘it hurts’. I put my hand on the area if possible, go deeper into His Presence, say: “Your Miracle Blood Lord Jesus” and try to be honest. I see if there is anything else I can do about it and if not then I become eligible. I go in deeper and higher into Heaven on earth where the Solution level is, then I hear Holy Spirit’s Voice telling me the Solution Words whatever they may be, and the pain just dissolves all of the time. Sometimes it comes back, but that just gives me another chance to do it again and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth again and deeper than before. This is the greatest privilege to build tangible Faith.

My explanation: When my heart cries out, Heaven on earth floods my soul and all pain leaves me. The Kingdom of Heaven continues to be with me for a while, Holy Spirit Speaks and I receive the Results.

Pain or discomforts taken away

My knee was hurting, I put my hand on the area and tried to be honest with Lord Jesus about the pain. I just opened my heart and then Lord Jesus Said: “Love Me”. Then I said: “I don’t know how to Love You Lord”, then Holy Spirit Implied: “Love Me with all of your heart”. Then I said: “I don’t know how, but You make me Love You with all of my heart and make me to embrace You in Your Way and Your Will”. All the pain just dissolved and did not come back. Then I knew I had entered into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth again and I can continue to walk in it at this time.

My explanation: When my heart cries out, Heaven on earth floods my soul and all pain leaves me and the Kingdom of Heaven continues to be with me for a while, Holy Spirit Kingdom in His Will and His Ways. As Lord Jesus Proclaimed 2,000 years ago and Proclaimed “I Came to set the captive Free”.

Taking Dominion over my body

I was at the computer working on this manual when a cold came in my head. I just knew it was going to be a severe flu. Then my wife mentioned that she just fell a feverish chill going through her body. I put my hand on my face and went as deep into Heaven on earth as I possibly could, and said: “I know who you are, I demand you to leave, what is not of the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus leave now”. It was gone and my wife said she felt it leave her also.

My knowing: The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is made up of Solutions, because the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus is the Miracle Solution. When I go through the Door of Heaven on earth through the Miracle Blood Solution, what is not in the Solution of Lord Jesus cannot be associated with me, all darkness has to have dropped off before I can enter. Then I am set Free indeed. He whom the Son sets Free is FREE indeed!

Reoccurrence of Inflamed Arthritis

I had a reoccurrence of inflamed arthritis in my right ankle and left knee and my shoulder muscles tightened up. I could ask and lay my hand on my body wherever I had a pain for the last two years and it would leave me, but this time the pain would not leave. Then I asked: “Lord take it away” and Holy Spirit Spoke: “be still and know I Am God”. I had done that before and was able to move in, but this time I knew that the old way had disappeared and that the Lord wanted me to receive a deeper and higher relationship with Him and to be more of a Conqueror than I had ever been before. I said: “if you don’t deliver me than how about a doctor”? He Told me to ask another person, so I did and that person gave me a doctor’s address and I received medicine. Today when I was in church and started to walk, spiritual waves started to roll in front of me and wave after wave continued. I knew I had entered into ‘be still and know I Am God’. The intimacy and Victory got greater than I have ever known.


I was lying in bed and had a lot of pain in my belly. After I fell asleep a little bit I woke up and the cramps were bad. Suddenly it felt like the Lord was right above me with His Presence and He Said: “There is no defeat in Me”. I fell asleep again and when I woke up later the pain was still there. Then the Lord Implied to me to drink water. So I got out of bed, drank a lot of water and fell asleep. After I awoke later, the pain was gone. There is NO DEFEAT INSIDE JESUS BLOOD and INSIDE HIS PRESENCE!

This is my standard in life: only Victory in Jesus!


One day, the Lord Spoke to me and Said: “Most all of your problems is because of your pride”. And I had a lot of problems at that time. Since, every time I had problems I would check to see if there was any pride and in most cases I could track it down to an attitude of pride.


For about a week I continuously had these jealous feelings until I cried out and said: “Lord, I don’t want to have these feelings, please take them away from me”. Then the Lord Spoke and Said: “There is something that is deeper than the jealousy, the root is that you gave away what was yours and now you don’t have. And you see others that do have and you don’t and that is why you feel that way”. From that moment the Lord started Teaching me not to give away what is mine and it feels very good, I don’t feel anymore that I gave myself away and when the Lord Tells me to give, it is Joy and Victory.


When I felt lonely and unwanted, the Sweet Spirit of the Lord Came over me and Filled me with His Fullness and He Reminded me of the scripture: ‘I Am with the broken hearted and the contrite of spirit’. These days when I feel lonely, it is a door for me to go deeper to the Lord and take my eyes off the physical and put them back on the Lord where they belong. Joy then immediately fills my heart.


One time I felt so inferior that I walked away from the company I was with and I hid under the bushes. Suddenly Holy Spirit was there and He Touched me. I could feel His Presence and His Anointing Oil going through me. Throughout all my body head to feet, He Took all these feelings out of me and made me a totally new Victorious creature. One thing I learned: the lesser we are, the more Jesus Comes. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 18 where David cries to the Lord and God Hears him. Smoke Came out of His Nostrils, He Flew upon the wings of the wind and Thundered from Heaven to Save David and Pull him out of many waters. That is how I felt many times and how close God really is with us. He is Zealous for the broken hearted and nothing stands in His way when He Hears His child cry out. Our broken heart works like a magnet to God, He Can and Will not refuse it.

Crown of Thorns

Lord Jesus Showed me the crown of thorns He had on His Head when He was Being Crucified. Blood was pouring out of His Head, Shed for the Renewing of our mind. When He Gave me this I just wanted to feel the thorns piercing my own mind and have fresh Blood go through my mind. Lord Jesus Blood.


A while ago I started to be concerned about little issues you feel in your body when you get little older. I was seeking the Lord about this and He Responded: “I Control your body”. I have 100% peace about my health since. It is not only that I know that Holy Spirit Controls my body, because I already ‘knew’ this. But when Holy Spirit Speaks into your life, you start living the Reality of it.

Anointing Oil

When I was in my house I tripped and fell really hard. I could not move my legs and was in bed for three days before they took me to emergency at the hospital. The doctors put me on every machine they had and suggested that I had my hips and knees operated on. I did not want to do this and asked to be sent home. At home I got settled on the couch and the first night at around four a.m. I felt five drops of Oil hitting my forehead. I said to myself: “somebody has reached Heaven for me, that means I am Healed”! Then I got up, took a shower and have been walking ever since. Thank you Jesus!

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