Heaven Encounter

Being Called by Holy Spirit

This morning I got out of bed and suddenly when I looked down I was off the floor about 18” up dangling in the air. Then I was thrown to the floor and an invisible Force rested heavily on my chest. It felt like it was about 1,000 lbs., my chest was going in and I knew my ribs were going to crack. I started to cry. I knew I was a dead man and I knew the Force could only be God and I said: “What God”? Then He Said: “I Called you to be a pastor” and I said: “No Lord, I don’t know nothing” and He Replied: “That is why I Called you”. Then He Said: “Get up and go to Toronto”. (worldwide revival was going on there!)

My explanation: When a person is Called to understand that Miracles are real, then that person must have experienced Miracles in their life to know this. When Holy Spirit Calls a person into Spiritual Workings, it has to be Given from Holy Spirit, it cannot come from man. And we are all called to experience Miracles.

My first time I found I was in Heaven

I was in the back row in an Assembly of God church in Marysville, Washington. The church was in youth revival, kids were coming in from Canada, Idaho, Oregon and California every night with no advertisement. One night we were singing Holy, Holy, Holy and I said to the Lord: “let me praise you as the angels praise you”. Then I was in a different place and I was looking up at the Glory Cloud. It looked like the Glory Cloud. It had no definition but I knew it had more precise definition than man will ever perceive throughout Eternity. Then I saw transparent people walking around in slow motion with their arms and hands reached high and they were saying: “Holy…… Holy…… Holy…… is God…..” Then suddenly I thought: I can do that, and when I tried it, I felt I was going to die because of the transparency and purity that I was not, and I asked: “please take me back”. Then I was back in the back seat in the Assembly of God church.

My explanation: I had no desire to be, except deeper into the Lords Presence. Then the Lord Answered my heart of nothingness and wanting nothing, except for Him. The Glory Cloud was God Himself that was in front of me in the form of the Glory Cloud. I had all consciousness of the Simplicity of Heaven. I was Given a fore taste of what I was going into and what I am walking in today. There is no limitation inside of God’s Kingdom, there only is ‘being in God’s Kingdom God’s Way’. The dying part, I know now, is conscious Transformation of the HEART and then the mind in being able to walk in Heaven on earth now and throughout my life time.

My second time I found myself in Heaven

I was in my 2nd bedroom and I said: “God I am tired of talking to You, I want You to Talk to me”. Then I went to my main bedroom and laid down in the bath tub, I shut my eyes and then I was in a nothing place, but there was a Throne about fifty feet in front of me and there was a white Entity Sitting on the Throne (I knew it was God). I walked up to the Entity, then turned around and was facing the same direction as the Entity was Facing. Then all of a sudden, the Entity put His Arm around me. Then I Knew, I knew everything He Knew if I wanted to know it, but there was nothing to know because all Knowing was there already. Then in slow motion I looked at the right hand of God and there was another Throne and another Entity was on that Throne. He was Lord Jesus. Then I was back in my bath tub again.

My explanation: My heart took it by force. The Entity was God the Father Himself. His Arm Empowered me with His Simplicity of Himself, His Mind, His Heart and me understanding the Simplicity of His Consciousness that “I AM”.

My mother looking down from Heaven

My wife and I were in our Jacuzzi bath. When I looked up I saw the Heavens Open and I saw my mother leaning over and looking down at us. My mother spoke in the Spirit and said: “I like what I see”. Then my mother leaned back up and Heavens closed.

My understanding: When God puts His daughter and son together, Heaven is pleased. My personal feelings: my mother went to Heaven a long time before my wife and I got married and I was very privileged that my mother was able to see my wife.

We were worshiping in the Open Heaven Worship Center

and when we got done we were just sitting and talking and I saw thousands of crystals shining and floodering all over in the air, where ever I looked there were crystals as long as we stayed in the worship center.

My understanding: Heaven met us in the worship center today.

March 1982

When I was in the lowest, deepest and darkest time of my life something happened to me. Jesus Came to me and I did not even know it. This is how I started searching for Light. I was in an apartment with someone that at some point demanded: close your eyes, what name do you see. I gave some kind of name and he said: no, no do it again! I closed my eyes and saw very clearly the word ‘Emanuel’. “I see Emanuel” I said and he stepped back. From that moment my heart was changed. Like the light had come on and I thought: “What am I doing here? I have to get out! I have to do something good with my life”. I got out and my life started to go up from that moment without me knowing it had been Lord Jesus Visiting me. Four years later after I had given my life to Jesus and came to church for the very first time, we sang the song: “Emanuel, Emanuel, Your Name is Called Emanuel. God With me, Revealed in me, Your Name is Called Emanuel”. And suddenly I remembered the instant when years before I had seen the Name Emanuel with my eyes closed and now I realized that Emanuel means: God With us. Four years earlier, the Lord had Spoken into my life that ‘He Was With me’. Nothing stops the Lord to Reveal Himself when He Sees and Finds a desperate, searching heart. He will Touch and Change this heart.

October 1985

Giving my heart to Jesus. A friend spoke to me about Jesus, but since I did not want to hear it, we parted ways. Then the Lord Came to him in the middle of the night and Said: “You have to go back to Margriet and speak about Me because I Visited her”. Later on in the day again the Lord Spoke to Him with an audible Voice: “You have to go back to her and you have to do it today”. My friend had no desire to meet with me but responded: “ok, Lord then You have to make the way”. We were in college that day attending the same class and neither of us wanted to meet, so we both left immediately and both of us were the first to go through the door leaving the classroom. We talked for a moment just to be polite and I invited him over for dinner.

Later that night when he finally started speaking about Jesus, I remember that at that moment I was drinking every word that came out of his mouth. I was very hungry and asked: ”what can I do to receive what you have”? “Very simple” he said. “We just kneel and you ask Jesus to come into your heart and into your life and to Cleanse you with His Blood”. I did and have never been the same since! Suddenly I knew that I knew that Jesus is real. Lord Jesus Knows how to Find His people and Reveal Himself to them that are hungry for the Truth. It is a Miracle from God to receive Jesus.

you don’t know what is in my heart

When my dad went to be with the Lord I was concerned because he did not want to talk about Jesus and he did not want to pray except for once. But he said one day: “you don’t know what is in my heart”. Moments after he passed away being in his own house in his bed, I went downstairs to tell the family and they all went upstairs. As I was standing in his living room by myself I felt worship coming up in my heart. And then I saw my dad. He appeared confused and I saw 2 beings, 1 on each side supporting him and I saw like a stairway into Heaven and I knew that They were taking him up there.

I Cannot Say ‘No’

I was seeking the Lords Face and He Revealed Himself: I saw His Heart and His Character and He Said: “I Cannot Say no” It was like He was Saying “I Cannot Refuse My people”. I was standing on Holy Ground and felt I had just seen a secret of God that is not permissible for man to know.


I was lying in bed and started to worship. The worship intensified and I started to worship with all my strength. Like Heaven was Open and I saw the Lord as so awesome and worthy of ALL praise. But I ran out of strength to worship Him and I said to the Lord: “I can’t wait to be in Heaven and worship where I don’t have the limitations of this physical body”.


We had many difficulties in our shop and one day I as I walked home, suddenly Holy Spirit Poured like a bucket of Joy in my being. I felt: ‘Lord don’t You know I am about to have a nervous breakdown, why would You Give me Joy’? I almost had resistance to accept the Joy, but then He Showed me that He does not Live at all in our difficulties, He Lives in a different Dimension and He wants to bring us inside the Dimension where He Lives for us to be Free and have Joy and Victory.


In about that same season as I sat on the couch, I felt very tired and wanted to lay down just for a moment before going back to the shop. As I was resting, suddenly I saw the Lord Jesus Laying right in front of me with His Face towards me, Sleeping. Like He was sleeping in a boat, and I saw Him Laying on top of some rolled up ropes. Like when His disciples were fearful in the storm and tried to wake Him up, it was as if He was Saying to me: “do you want to sleep with Me while I Am Sleeping”? And I knew that His Invitation to me was that while the storms were going on, I could sleep and have Peace with Him instead of panicking about the storms like the disciples were and I accepted the invitation. I rested and when it was time to go back, the person that was able to solve all our problems parked in the driveway of our home to find out how we were doing. He was the solution to all our difficulties and everything worked out fine. We normally only saw this person once or twice per year.

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