All about Miracles of provision, not about money

Lord Jesus told me to buy a vacant corporate building 16,000 sq ft. and also said that it was not big enough. Though I had no money, I signed the contract and said: “I will pay it off in 90 days”. An unknown contract came in from Europe; I completed it and paid the building offin 90 days. Then again Holy Spirit spoke and said to buy a large K Mart building and make it into a Worship Center, ‘Open Heaven Worship Center’ and the back side into your warehouse. The Lord made the way with jobs, we remodeled it and we paid it off. Then I asked for a new car, I never had a new one. Holy Spirit said: “wait until next year” and I did. A miracle happened and it cost me only 500 dollars out of my pocket for a brand new Chrysler 300C Hemi. I was going home and I said I will put a fence around my house so nobody knows I am driving this nice car, but Holy Spirit spoke and said: “you will not, because when they ask you how you got it, you will tell them, so they can come back to Me and get themselves what I have for them”. This is nothing about money; it is about receiving what Lord Jesus has in store for us personally.

Before Holy Spirit put my wife and I together I was going to 5 different churches that I picked out and that I could see the movement of Holy Spirit in. Then Holy Spirit told me that a church 95 Miles away was mine. It was having conferences and or meetings almost every day and I drove the distance morning and night every day for a year and a half. My gas gauge was broken and I had no job and no money but I never gave that a thought, I kept putting in nickels and dimes whatever I had. I never thought about it until my wife asked me about it a few years ago. I never ran out of gas.

My understanding

When you are eligible, you hear Holy Spirit, embrace what Holy Spirit says and you do it, Miracles just provide for you to continue to do and finish what was spoken to you, as you embrace it to the level that pleases Holy Spirit.

Freedom from us for us

Holy Spirit said “you work to be free and I Provide for you”.

My explanation: If I try not to make bills and not to owe anybody and I try to take care of the obligations that I have more than I did, then Holy Spirit will make miracles to bring me out of captivity. Then Holy Spirit will make Miracles to provide for me in His Kingdom in His Will as Lord Jesus started 2,000 years ago and proclaimed “I Came to set the captives free”.


I had a dream that I owned a company. I was always in need of employees for something, needing parts that I did not have and I never had enough time to do the job.

Then I saw other people having problems and never getting through their problems. I awoke and after a while I asked the Lord: “why”. He responded: “keep all of you with Me because I have all to supply and there is no lack in Me”.

My revelation understanding

A peace and a security of no lack came over me in my heart, not in my mind. Now I know I am walking close with Holy Spirit and Lord Jesus supplies how He desires to take care of me. I know ‘It Is Finished’.

GOD, my only option left

Before I knew Jesus I needed to get an apartment and I heard of one that was going to be available that I was very interested in. The only problem, there were a lot more people trying to obtain this place because it was a nice place and it was almost impossible to obtain housing at that time in that location. I remember tossing and turning in my bed realizing that there was nothing I could do to manipulate the situation. At one point the thought struck me: “IF God exists, He would be the only one that could help me get the house”. I got out of bed, went on my knees and said some sort of very short prayer, I did not know God and had never prayed. I fell asleep immediately and yes, I did get the house. Since I did not know Lord Jesus, I never connected the miracle with my asking at that time, but the fact is: I did acknowledge God just in case He really existed. And He did come through!

Receiving Faith and God doing the impossible

I was in desperate need of a house and had no chance to obtain one from the government because I had never applied for a house since waiting time was around 12 to 15 years. To rent a private home would cost more than my wages, so I was desperate. My friend came by and asked if she could pray for me. When she laid hands on me and prayed I felt Faith drop in my heart. I had my home! The situation had not changed, but I knew in my heart that I had my home. A couple of weeks later that same friend came by and told me that the ruling to be eligible for government housing had changed as a try out in 2 cities in Holland, so that the person closest to their 30th birthday would be first to pick from the few available houses. It happened that I worked in one of these two cities, which made me eligible to apply. My 30th birthday was coming up in less than 3 weeks, so I was first in line. I have never heard about this system ever again. When I received the key I was running back and forth in the house and felt so great! When we reach the end of our abilities, the road is open for the Lord to perform a Miracle.


One day we got so low on finances that when we sat at home on the couch I said: “Gene, I cannot pay the employees anymore, we totally ran out of money and have to close the doors”. We both stood to our feet, held hands and said: “Lord, we have to have a job and we need it now”! We walked to the shop (it was around 7pm) and the moment we walked through the door, the phone rang and a person from overseas that we had never done business with before called us for some parts. We had the parts and he shipped money in the next following day.


Another time when we had been extremely low on jobs and finances for about a year and a half the Lord spoke to me and said: “You have no wind in your sails”. I knew what He meant. He kept providing precisely for us and the shop to stay alive and about 4 months later He spoke again and said: “The season is over”. Jobs started to come in and we never have had a financial difficulty since. It shows me how the Lord is in perfect precise control of our finances.

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