Heaven Teaching

I received the Bible in my heart

I came home from a Sunday church meeting and Holy Spirit Said: “I Put the Bible in your heart”. From that day forward Holy Spirit Shows me verses in my heart and the Revelation of the verse. Then when people talk about these verses I see that Holy Spirit Gave me the Revelation of the verse earlier.

My explanation: When Lord Jesus Prompted me to turn my life over to Him and His Kingdom, I started to receive and experience the Revelations of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and it has continued ever since.


I went to a church that was having a conference, the main speaker came from Australia. In the morning service this speaker came up to the front, looked around and then sat back down. That night another person got up and told us what had happened that morning. Holy Spirit had Spoken to the man from Australia in the morning meeting and Told him not to say anything, so he obeyed and flew all the way back to Australia at noon time. This man became my mentor of Hearing Holy Spirit, if he can fly for 16 hrs. with the purpose to speak at a conference and then say nothing and fly another 16 hours to go back home, I can give up of self as much as he can.

My understanding: We will know in our heart when we Hear and what to do just what is Desired of Holy Spirit’s Will at that given time. That is a heart after God’s Heart.

You will be where you teach

I was in Washington last winter in a hotel and the Lord put a burden for souls on me for the first 3 days. Then the fourth day I got up early in the morning and I started to type. Holy Spirit Said: “you will be where you teach, you walk high in My Heaven”. I did not understand it and then the Lord Said: “I will Bring My people up and through into Heaven. Then you teach them to go higher so when they start to come down, they will not”. I don’t understand coming back down to earth, but I know as long as we stay up we will always be up.
‘The Miracle Blood takes care of it all’… “It Is Finished”.

My explanation: The Sovereignty of God is real. Lord Jesus Said: “I have the Keys of Heaven and hell”, and nobody can get a person in or keep them out. Lord Jesus Said: “It Is Finished”, it is ‘the Miracle Blood and Flesh and the Miracle Blood and Flesh alone’. I need to take care of myself in The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus. Then I have an ear to Hear and a heart to obey and I am a recipient of the rest yet to come. Holy Spirit uses us for Lord Jesus’ Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven and continuation into Heaven. Whatever Lord Jesus Desires, Lord Jesus Receives.

“I let them judge themselves”

Years ago I was thinking about in the book of Matthew where the religious people at the temple tried to find and kill Lord Jesus. I asked Lord Jesus: “Why did you not kill them on the spot” and Lord Jesus Replied: “I let them judge themselves.” As He Stated: “You are with Me or against Me”.

My Revelation: When Lord Jesus Presented Himself to me I was changed in the twinkling of an eye and continue to change to this day. For whatever reason, when a person does not except Lord Jesus when He Presents Himself to that person, at that moment that person has rejected their Creator and lack of life and distortion sets in.

Sensitivity for Holy Spirit

We just made a loaf of nut bread this morning. I started to slice it and gave my wife a slice. The sliver of a nut fell off on the table which I took and put on her plate. Then I felt that this small act was very important to the Lord, that if I had kept it, it could displease Holy Spirit. And if Holy Spirit would be displeased, it could be so sensitive that Holy Spirit would see it as blasphemy and then I would not be Forgiven in this world or the next. This became very sobering. Holy Spirit can be very precise with us when His Eyes are Open over us, like when Moses hit the rock (Numbers 20:11).

Writers understanding: If I keep holding onto the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus and repent always, I hope from the bottom of my heart I will see Heaven Eternal primarily.


The Move of Holy Spirit is like a wave. A waves rolls onto the beach and a wave rolls back to the ocean. That is the Lords Eternal Design. When the wave rolls onto the shore, it is like the Momentum of Holy Spirit being upon us. Then as the wave rolls back, it is our time to seek the Lord deeper, which brings in the next wave of His Presence.


Once I was sitting in a church on a Sunday morning and when the preaching started I did not like at all what was being said and I felt like I was in a prison, trapped. I wanted to get out but did not feel free to walk away. Then Holy Spirit Spoke to me and Said: “You are totally Free to stand up and walk out or to stay here”. And I felt this Space and this Freedom come over me. I just stood up, stepped out of the pew and walked out through the door. Not a big deal. When the Lord Speaks, He Equips and we are Freed from our thoughts of what others think of us.

Taking Gods Glory

I was in a church where the Presence of the Lord was very strong, it was very powerful. Sometimes people would come in from the street into a service and be Delivered on the spot. Just like that. Revival was there. When I was worshiping one day, suddenly out of the blue Holy Spirit Spoke and Said: “I will not give my Glory to Raul and I will not give my Glory to Johnny”. Raul was the pastor and Johnny was the worship leader. There was no indication to me that something was not ok, but one week later something exploded in the church and the whole church split. The Lord will not allow us to take His Glory, that is Reserved for Him alone.

Last year

I was in a different church when His Presence was coming strong, it was awesome and again the Lord Spoke about His Glory and Said: “No flesh shall glory in my Presence”. I know it was Him because I never use the word ‘shall’. The emphasis was not on people taking His Glory, but the emphasis was on the impossibility to take Gods Glory when His Presence is there. That is time to worship and adore Jesus and to lay our life and our everything at His Feet.


This certain Saturday I planned to go evangelize like I would do sometimes. Except this morning I faintly heard the Lord Saying to me: “don’t go today”. It caught me off-guard and since I was not totally sure that it was the Lord Implying this to me, I reasoned, ‘evangelizing can’t be wrong’, so I went. When I walked one block, I started to speak to a couple of people in their yard but the conversation went nowhere. One was a mormon, the other a jehovah witness and the other not interested. I did not feel good anymore and went straight home.

On Monday morning, water on the driveway from the sprinkler heads had frozen up and I slipped and fell. I hurt my left leg badly. I managed to get in the car, but when I noticed my foot hanging all the way outward, I knew something was wrong. I started the engine and decided to let the car roll to the shop. We live only about 400’ from our shop. At the end of the street Gene came by in his car and I tried to wave him down, but he nicely waved back at me. Then when I came to a stop he was still outside and we went to the doctor. At the doctor’s office I said: “Lord why did this happen to me”, because I do not believe in accidents happening when I am in the Kingdom of the Lord. I know that I am totally protected in His Presence. He Responded: “you remember Saturday that I did not want you to go evangelize and you went anyway? Your disobedience opened the door for darkness to come in and slap you around”. My leg was broken in 6 places, but the Lord brought me to the best doctor, there was no operation and 2 months later I was healed and running. And I had enjoyed my time of rest and forced time in bed to be with the Lord. The Lord uses everything for the good!

The Lords Turn

Once I was in a church meeting what we would call a good meeting. After the worship and the preaching there was an altar call and the Lord Spoke to me: “Now it is My turn”. The Lord met His people at the altar. It always touched me that the Lord was waiting for us to get done with our agenda, but we are the ones missing out.


The Lord Jesus Opened my eyes and Revealed to me; when a martyr is burned at the stake He Said about it:
The burning at the stake is an outward expression of what already took place on the inside in the heart”. The martyr already gave their life completely to the Lord and was totally Consumed by Holy Spirit. This is the true expression of a martyr.

November 2015

In the worship center I usually worship, but this one day I thought: “Maybe not today, I’ll just worship quietly today”. And then the Lord Spoke: “If you don’t want to do it, I will get someone else to do the job”. It was a wonderful confirmation to me that the Lord wants me to worship Him with all my strength and without ceasing and also it was a surprise that He called it a ‘job’. Like Romans 12:1 ‘This is your reasonable service’.

Pressing In

When I felt that I really grieved Holy Spirit by not obeying when He Wanted me to step out because my mind put up obstacles (this happened many times), He Spoke to me and Said: “Your love for Me will break through it”.
He was talking about my mind; He Showed me that my desire to please and obey Him and to be close to Him was stronger than the obstacles my mind could put up to hinder my obedience. There will always be Victory in Jesus! And then the Result of obeying and moving in is this: The Lord Breaking my bondages and setting me Free.

Come and Eat

One day I sat outside the shop on the ground. It was very peaceful and quiet and I was there with the Lord. Then He Showed a sort of banqueting table filled the most delicious foods about 100’ away and He Said: “Come here and eat “. I knew that I had to get up and go over where I knew the banqueting table was and that the Lord was not coming over to me to feed me. That looks like the Lords Procedure: for me to reach out to His Kingdom, for it is already there (‘It Is Finished’) and I must move in and obtain it, putting my Faith into action. Jesus already Did All when He Paid the Full Price and Said: “It Is Finished”.

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