Marriage Relationship

Getting married

When the Lord Told me to go to Toronto, I heard me say: “I am ready to get married”, while at that moment I did not want to get married. But I said: “I want her to be pretty, petite, intelligent, and young enough to have children and I demand something, that she will worship you as much as I do or more so, or I will not have her”. I went up to the revival in Toronto and when I was at one side of the upstairs building, a girl from Holland started to talk to me. Margriet, my wife today, was at the other side of the upstairs building looking at her girlfriend who was taking to me, and Holy Spirit Spoke to her and Said: “She is talking to your husband”. After a while she came over to us and within 15 seconds and her saying less than 5 words, she became my best friend.

Holy Spirit Spoke to me

My wife and I were in bed and she was falling asleep. I noticed I had cold hands and thought about touching her with my cold hands. Then Holy Spirit Spoke to me and Said: “you don’t want to touch her”. All of my mind and insides changed to what Holy Spirit Said: such a Transformation.

My understanding: After I lined up to Holy Spirit, I loved her as He wanted me to love her at that time, and it was good.

“See her as My virgin daughter”

A couple of years ago my wife was in the kitchen and the Lord Spoke to me and Said,” see her as My virgin daughter”, so I looked and kept looking for the next 3 days at her and it got better and better every passing day. Then the third day the Lord Spoke to me and Said: “you are my virgin son” and I said: “how about the past?” then Lord Jesus Spoke and Said: “see you how I see you” and I said: “thank you”. All the bad was taken off my back and all my past left. It was gone and I am Free.

Results: I am a Free man and I don’t let myself dwell on the past good or bad, Lord Jesus is my Rock and my only Rock.

December 1994

Marriage. I was standing in my kitchen and felt the Presence of the Lord. It was so wonderful that I said: “Lord if I never get married for the rest of my life it is OK as long as I have You”. From the bottom of my being I gave to the Lord to ever be married and now it was in His Hands. The Lord removed any desire or thought of me ever getting married. I was 31 and had never been married.

Monday March 13 1995

I was in Toronto among the revival that was going on, 32 years old. We were upstairs and just finished with the prayer meeting, hundreds of people were present and I was still sitting in the Presence of the Lord. One of my friends from Holland was moving through the room and thoughtless I was looking at her. She stopped and started to talk with a man. Suddenly Holy Spirit Said as loud and clear, it hit me like lightning: “she is talking to your husband”. We had never seen each other in our lives. Gene had a small grey beard and I shook it off, it was the furthest thing from my mind. But I was drawn to walk over, said hi and things just fell in place from that moment on. I realize that since I had given marriage totally to the Lord 3 months previously, He was Free to Do whatever He thought best.

No gods before Me

my spouse: A few months after the Lord put us together the Lord Said: “I want Gene back”. It shocked me and I said no because I just started to open my being for Gene as being my husband. The grief of Holy Spirit came over me and I knew I had blown it. For about a year I kept asking the Lord for another chance to give Gene up. That chance came after a year; I had my usual time with the Lord and felt very close to Him. Then He Said: “Now Gene, you want to give him to Me”? I responded” “Yes Lord” and watched Gene spiritually go up in smoke as incense to the Lord. I could not touch it any more, it was gone. It was like the Lord had ripped it out of my being and I started to cry. For 3 days I cried nonstop and after about 5 days I started to feel so free that it did not matter to me any more if Gene would ever call me again. If anything, I thought, it might even be better if he didn’t. But that same day he called me and told me that 5 days before he had lost my phone number and had just found it again.

Guidelines to be with my spouse

The Lord spoke 2 things to me very distinct about living with my spouse. First He Said: “Let him go”. 

It was when Gene did not live up to my ideas of being responsible. After the Lord Spoke this to me and I started to let him go, I noticed that every time that I got upset about Gene stepping away from his ‘responsibilities in my eyes’ and I let him go, the moment that I managed to really let him go, he would suddenly show up and do the very thing that I had in mind he should be doing. I needed to stay behind the Lord Guiding him. It started to set me Free.

The next thing the Lord Spoke was, “stop thinking negative about your husband.” When I started to apply that Word from the Lord, I noticed that when I was thinking negative, Gene’s motivation was just different than mine, but his perspective was very good. It enlarged my way of thinking.

This is what Lord Jesus Spoke to Gene about living with his wife:

The Lord Said to me one day when my wife and I had disagreements: “Just love her, not love her, but JUST love her”. And just love her is a greater level then loving her, because she is God’s daughter and God knows how He Created His daughters. Again: JUST love her. And I receive a Miracle every time I step in that position and do it.

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