I had a dream the morning of Oct 31 2015

There was a gang of men robbing a house. One man in front with a car, the others were robbing the house. Every time the man that owned the house would get up, they would hit him back down.
They started after me and when I was running, there was a ravine I had to jump over. I was running to find the right spot to jump, but I knew that on the other side there was nothing to hold onto to pull myself up with and not fall back in the ravine, so I waited upon Holy Spirit to Talk to me. Then one moment Holy Spirit Said: “jump”. I did and my hands held to the ground on the other side and something pulled my body up and flipped it up onto the ground on the other side.

My explanation: It was nothing about the men and the robbery and things happening in this earthly realm. I saw earthly reality and tried to stay away from it and I looked to see what would keep me out of the clutches of the earthly consequences. I waited behind Holy Spirit for Holy Spirit’s Involvement, to do what He Spoke to me and embrace the outcome. Then it Materialized.


We were driving home from a village 20 miles away, but found that the freeway was closed due to icy conditions. We headed for the back route through the mountains. Coming to a T where we had to make a right hand turn that would lead us through the mountains, I noticed that this road was also blocked with a metal barrier, a fence that had an opening in the center about 10 feet wide. My husband turned to go onto the road through the opening but neither the steering wheel nor the brakes worked. We were just sliding over the ice straight ahead, heading for the bushes. Suddenly I felt the Presence of Holy Spirit come into the car and taking over. That was an awesome moment. The car started turning to the right and slid precisely through the opening in the barrier. We were in awe and kept worshiping all the way home while we drove very slowly through the beautiful scenery of the mountains.

Another time going on a three lane freeway with very little traffic. We were in the right hand lane when there was a truck in front of us going extremely slow and we came closer quickly. My husband who was driving started to move a lane over but when I looked over my shoulder I noticed a car passing us at the same time (only that car was in the third lane, but I thought it was next to us). I screamed “watch out” and my husband responded quickly by stepping on his brakes and turn to the right into the shoulder instead. It all happened so fast that we rolled over 4 times. All windows were shattered and the roof was all the way crushed into the car and the car totaled. While we were rolling, all three of us (our friend from Holland was with us) felt that we were in a cocoon being Protected in the Presence of the Lord. The car stopped rolling and the 3 of us came out. When the ambulance pulled up and the ambulance worker came out, he looked at the car and us and saw me sitting down with a little blood on my leg from a small cut and Gene and Ro walking around gathering our belongings out of the car. Then he said: “Is this all that happened”? and at the moment when I said “yes” Holy Spirit Said: “I had a Delight in Saving your lives”. All three of us were totally fine.


One night I was walking in a desolate place after dark and suddenly three dogs surrounded me. They were barking and snapping at my legs and I knew I was a piece of meat to them. From inside my being I cried out loud: “Lord Jesus” and the dogs immediately stopped, turned around and ran away.

Protection from people

One morning I woke up and the Lord Spoke: “Nobody can ever say anything to you that I do not allow”. I had no idea why and what it meant and just went on.

Later that same day somebody said something to me that absolutely crushed my world and who I was, but since the Lord had Given me that statement, He had Equipped me, so I could get through and knew that the Lords Hand was in it. The Lord used it for my Deliverance.

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