When Holy Spirit and Lord Jesus come to live inside of us, They start freeing us from all bondages and hurt and old sinful nature that is in our life and They push out the old stuff. Lord: “I give You my bad for Your Good”!


Whenever I cannot live without something, I made it a god in my life and it keeps me in bondage. Confess this to Lord Jesus and lay it in His Hands, then it is up to Him to deliver us. It is one thing to lay something on the altar, it is another thing for our sacrifice to be accepted and taken by God. When He does, we are set Free indeed!


Every moment is an opportunity to ask Lord Jesus what He wants you to do in your life, to yield, to trust Him, to grow in Faith and to do an act of worship. It is a decision on our behalf every moment that Jesus is Real! and that: I trust Jesus. Growing ground! The harder the situation, the greater the Miracle when Jesus delivers and breaks through with His Presence because we looked at Him and the greater our knowledge of who Jesus is becomes.


Lord Jesus gave everything and it will also cost us everything to receive ALL that is available to us from Him!

Dwelling Place Open Heaven Worship Center& RHEMA School