Did you ever think in Luke 15:11-32 ‘the prodigal son’ that the needs of the prodigal’s brother were always been taken care of and he always did what the father asked him to do and he had a very good, more than abundant life.  So he stayed with the father.

With the prodigal son, look what he went through on hardship until he repented and came back to the father the fathers way. And look and see what he received in return. Provision of God has never changed. Notice his father called him ‘dead’ and now he is alive, he was brought back into the family.


Lord Jesus knows exactly what is in our pockets and gives us the exact amount we need for our living. If we do not have enough, we need to look and see how we spend it where He did not want it to go. Or see if we are walking a path that He did not call us to walk, because then we miss what He does have for us. If we ask Him for every dime where and how to spend it, He will Guide us perfectly, the provision stretches and we will find that we have exactly enough. He will do a Miracle for the rest.

We need to give up the coveting, desiring things that are not for us.

And when we listen to His Voice for us, He will Direct us to the right place where our Provision comes from.

In churches they ask for us to tithe or to give, that is just backwards.

My idea is that if a person preaches, they should know how to walk in the Lords Perfect Will for them and receive Miracle Provision from Holy Spirit, because Holy Spirit Provides for His Perfect Will.

And then they should not be in need, but teach me how to enter the Heavenly realm to hear Gods Will for me, so I will be able to receive my own provision like they receive theirs.


Fresh manna was there for the Israelites in the desert every day and the Israelites needed to look for Manna every day.

Likewise, we need to look for the Presence of Holy Spirit every day for Him to do Miracles as food for our lives, fresh every day.

Lord, bring Your Protection and Your Provision in Your Direction for me today!


After Lord Jesus was Teaching the people for three days in the wilderness, He FED them.

Then they wanted to make Him king for their motives and their way and no more provision came down. But Lord Jesus left from the midst of them.


Money obtained from the wrong source, is attached to where you don’t want to be. It fails in purpose, disappears and leads to more lack.

Therefore, receive Provision from the Lord which is attached to Heavens Realm.

The Provision from God multiplies and fulfills the Purpose of God what it was send for.

There is no lack in God.

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