You and I are Created with a void in our lives. A yearning for something that has to be satisfied.

The void is Created for Holy Spirit to live inside of us.

Be addicted to Holy Spirit!

The biggest adventure is to walk with Holy Spirit. Let Him Speak to you! Let Him give you Direction! Let Him fill you!

Say: “Lord Jesus please come into my life”. He does and starts pushing all the other stuff out.

It is a good thing to have an addictive nature. The Lord Created you with that just for Him! But we should not put the wrong stuff in, included food, alcohol, sex, pride, drugs, lust for security in the physical without listening to Holy Spirit, or any earthly lust that is close to us and takes the place of Christ.

Lord Jesus Knows your addictive nature and Says: “I made you like that to be addicted to me, I AM GOD”! Nothing is as addictive as His Glorious Companionship!


Have a relationship with Holy Spirit while you are eating and ask Lord Jesus how He wants you to feed yourself and what He Thinks about what you put in His temple. 

When you are eating and just eating: stop and ask: “Lord Jesus is it ok with You that I am eating this right now”? And He might respond ‘yes’ or He might give you conviction ‘no’.

If He Implies ‘no’, then stop, spit it out and experience the Freedom Holy Spirit will Give you from the desire you just had for that food and enjoy the increased Presence of Holy Spirit in your life at that moment in time.

Lord Jesus will set us Free from the desire to eat when we take the first step.

This is your chance to receive Lord Jesus’ Voice for your eating habits.

It is His temple and your body.

To stop and ask Holy Spirit right at the time you want to keep eating is crucial, the effect is enormous for Freedom and Holy Spirit Presence or lukewarmness and it sets precedence for the rest of your walk with Lord Jesus.


Ask yourself this question: Am I lusting after the world at this moment or am I repenting and receiving Holy Spirit Peace that is above all understanding and real, and the right Holy Spirit Direction.


If you and Lord Jesus are tired of the smoke that goes inside of you and you have Conviction from Holy Spirit, than it is time for a change.

Draw near to Holy Spirit and He will change your heart and attitude from the inside out.

You will know when the time has come and when it is time:

Tear them up one by one and say: “I am never going to smoke again, Lord Jesus: I say ‘YES they are Yours’. Push them back into the pack, curse the filth and understand they are a lie and hurt me, not help me. Drop them into the garbage can and say: “Lord Jesus I am done, they are yours and I love You Lord Jesus”.

Take a clean breath: It Is Real!! But it needs to come from Holy Spirit and not from yourself, because that would not work and you get condemnation, which is not of God, Conviction is. Ask Holy Spirit to Give you Conviction and to do this process inside of you.

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