Go in the ‘deeper and deeper’ concept for your healing. When I have a physical problem and ask Lord Jesus to heal me and He does not, then I know I have to go deeper into His Miracle Blood to be deeper in His Presence to the level where I will find my healing because it is a fact that: Lord Jesus Heals. I just have to move into His Presence to the depth where He wants me to be for that moment in time.


Visualize The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus coming into your mind, cleansing thoughts that hurt you and give you Life instead.
Ask The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus to come into your heart, healing hardships and pain and give you Peace and Direction.
Lord Jesus Desires to enter your life deeper and set you free.
Put your hand on your forehead and say: “Your Miracle Blood Lord Jesus in my mind”. Repeat this several times.
Put your hand on your heart and say: “Your Miracle Blood Lord Jesus in my heart”. Repeat this several times.
Notice that your problem thoughts have stopped and Peace and Holy Spirit have come over you and you are being Miracle transformed on the spot.


Men is created and made up with DNA. When there is an abnormality in the body, the DNA that controls the cells has been changed to make up the abnormality. For a miracle to happen, it would take a process to reverse the abnormality which would have to be done at least at second level DNA. The DNA Miracle process starts at the deeper 3rd level DNA where there is no connection to the sinful natured flesh level. That is where the Miracle takes place and then it materializes as a Miracle in the flesh. I have received 3rd level DNA healing. Men cannot produce miracles, but they can receive miracles through The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit’s Way. There is nothing men can do about deeper 3rd level DNA, but we can receive with our heart and receive healing.

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