Family Life


Your spouse should be your best buddy.

Wash dishes together, walk together

Look at your spouse and ask the Lord how He Sees them.

Your spouse is the Lords precious child.

Try to see them through His Eyes.

Then you will be able to see you through His Eyes.

And that is real!


A way to get reconnected to Heaven: women respect your husband and men love your wife.

This is a God given Door for us to receive the Presence of Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit in our lives.

Holy Spirit Spoke this and it is the key that your spouse needs in their life from you to bloom.

Women is given a multiple task mind, she thinks about how to take care of her children, husband and her. She is made to nurture and release life in her immediate environment without needing a far out vision of completion.

A man is single minded needing concreteness, to go forward with strength, to bulldoze and he is made to conquer. He takes on the world to provide for him and his family.

Both men and women come up short from Heaven’s Perspective. For the man: he must love his wife because it is God’s daughter he is living with. Just what else would you do in God’s Perspective except to love her as the Lord told me to do with my wife: “just love her”. I watch my wife melt from her frustration immediately when I ‘just love her’, she just needs to vent her emotions without me coming down on her. And after she vented she is back to normal and the nurturing side in her life comes back to the surface. The woman must respect her husband because he is loving her by taking on the world to provide for her and put his life on the line. Then both must get real Perspective from Heaven for their spouse and themselves to get reconnected to Heaven as Heaven Desires them to be.

My wife told me that Holy Spirit Spoke to her: “Let him go”. I always come back after what needs to get done in my eyes and I am here and always on time when Holy Spirit wants me to be here.

Holy Spirit Spoke to me: “Just love her”. He did not say ‘love her’, He Said: “JUST love her”.

Regardless what is happening: JUST love her! It works Miracles.


Look at your wife and see her as God’s virgin daughter.

When you keep looking at her as God’s virgin daughter day after day, then you start seeing her as God Created her and in the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus, that is how God Sees her.

If you keep doing it for a few more days and you want to be sincere with God, then He will Show you that you are God’s virgin son through the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus as He Showed me.

Then there can be no divorce or adultery.

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