Heaven on earth


God’s Kingdom of Heaven is on this earth, but it is a different Kingdom than this earth kingdom, so there are two kingdoms that exist next to each other at the same time. God’s Kingdom through The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus is the Kingdom that prevails and that is always the strongest the moment that we go into The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus and yield to God’s Ways and His Will. When God Speaks, we receive Faith and immediately there is no darkness to be found any more while everything lines up to what God Spoke.

Like you turn on the light switch in a dark room. The room will be light and darkness is gone. Us seeing the Truth of Holy Spirit Control turns on that Light.

You cannot say: “It is all good, or, it will all be ok”. That is trying to mix these two kingdoms and it does not work. God says: no gods before Me! Many times it is compromise to God’s Perfect Ways and Jesus saying: “There is no defeat in me” by our lack of determination for Holy Ghost Ways or our lukewarmness.


Do I want God’s Kingdom that is ON this earth or do I want what is OF this earth. These are two opposites.

God has under the curse which is OF this earth and gives provision to which is ON this earth in His Kingdom.

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