Title Genre
All consuming FireIntimacy, Commitment
All I want to do is love YouCommitment, Intimacy
Cause meIntimacy, Revival
Change my heartIntimacy, Love
Come, oh comeIntimacy, Revival, Victory
Come to me LordIntimacy, Revival, Blood
Deep in my soulIntimacy, Worship
Fill my heart LordIntimacy, Revival
Have Your Own Way LordIntimacy
Holy GhostIntimacy, Revival
Holy is Your WillBlood, Intimacy, Worship
Hungry I comeIntimacy, Love
I fall downIntimacy, Love
I feel You JesusIntimacy, Commitment, Love
I kneel for Your BloodIntimacy, Blood, Full Gospel
I know my Lord will make a way for meIntimacy, Revival, Victory
I love You foreverIntimacy, Commitment, Revival
I love You Lord and I lift my heartRevival, Intimacy, Love
I receive Your BloodBlood, Intimacy
I seek firstVictory, Intimacy
I turn my eyes on You JesusIntimacy, Victory
I was thereFaith, Intimacy, Full Gospel
I will wait upon You LordCommitment, Love
I will worshipIntimacy
I worship You LordWorship, Intimacy
In Your PresenceIntimacy, Healing
Into You ChambersIntimacy
Jesus I need to know true loveIntimacy, Love
Jesus of LifeRevival, Healing, Intimacy, Victory
Jesus You are my centerIntimacy
Jesus, You’re so GoodIntimacy
Just One dropIntimacy, Blood, Healing
Leaning on YouIntimacy, Victory
Let Your PresenceIntimacy
Light of Your worldIntimacy
More than everIntimacy, Love
Open the eyes of my heart LordIntimacy, Revival, Victory
Peace, Peace, Sovereign PeaceIntimacy, Victory
Purify my heartIntimacy, Love
Shut in with YouIntimacy
SometimesLove, Intimacy, Victory
Sweep over my soulIntimacy
The steadfast Love of my LordIntimacy, Victory
This is my desireCommitment, Intimacy
When I feel my Saviors handIntimacy, Victory
When the music fadesWorship, Intimacy, Revival
You are my air I breathe Intimacy
You are my Lord that Heals meHealing, Intimacy, Victory
You bind the broken heartedIntimacy, Revival