No gods or sin before Me


The Israelites wanted a human king and God Gave it to them. 1 Samuel 8. He even Anointed a human king for them, Saul, but they had to receive the curse along with it because God Said that they had rejected Him in desiring a human king in His place and they would have to serve the king and the king would rule over them.


1/3 of the angels stopped looking at God and into God’s Ways and looked into their lesser ways, so they had to leave included their ring leader. All God’s Life left them, now they are death.


If I have fear, then I have made that thing a god in my life. If fear is there, then God is not. Fear is lack of God’s Love and Presence.


Are you trying to be in Heaven on earth and go up to Heaven from your ways of interpreting the bible by:

  1. Reading the bible and knowing you are not there and believing that God will take care of you in the future.
  2. Believing you are a good person and it counts.
  3. Thinking, we all have hardships (see what kingdom you are in at the moment of hardship).
  4. I hear a different voice that guides me.
  5. Thinking that the world needs me, my family and my friends need me, my work needs me and the poor need me. Where are they with God, don’t take His place.


Men creates darkness by having imagination without God and using this imagination to create things that is not God and not from God, but from themselves. Then imagination becomes a man created spirit and man gives it power to create what is not God, what is against God and that man is a slave to, like laws. In return it drains away life that God gave for body, mind and soul.

Men has the power to create existence, but not to create life. Only God can Create Life.

When we turn to God, bring down all imagination, repent completely and turn from our wicked ways, then God Says: “I will Heal their land”. This is what God gave us in the first place. 1 Chronicles 7:14.


To worship Lord Jesus Christ brings forth the Presence of Holy Spirit!

Worshipping Lord Jesus in Spirit and Truth brings forth Freedom! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Cor 3:17)

The spirit of man creates spiritual reality; darkness in man (sin) in action, brings forth dark spirits. This also happens when man worships man, himself or someone else. Even leadership can bring forth bondage (darkness) by not having the Freedom to get Revelation from Holy Spirit and obeying Holy Spirit. ‘No gods before Me’. Compromise brings forth bondage, darkness.


The so called spiritual world that materializes in darkness and all that is associated with it, destroys itself and devours itself like a black hole.


God Spoke: “My people perish because of lack of knowledge”. Lack of knowledge of the Ways of God. The Ways of God through the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus in which we have Salvation and Solutions. The Ways of God through Holy Spirit Revelation, Guidance, Presence and Authority.


God Says: ‘no gods before Me’. This includes our own belief systems and ourselves with our self-sufficiency.

 God Desires His children to look up to Him in Faith, trusting and expecting His unknown Will and Ways.


Holy Spirit Spoke to me: “Ignorance is why people do not have”. Ignorance is living with self and earthly ways and not in a desiring relationship with God and His Ways.

Through the ages, kings, rulers and churches have tried to keep people in ignorance. For example: when people in a congregation do not have the Truth and are in ignorance, they cannot discern between the church trying to obtain provision from the congregation through manipulation, or the church getting provision from God through Miracle Provision.

Have knowledge of Holy Spirit Who owns everything: receive eligibility through the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus, Hear Holy Spirit, obey from your heart and then Miracle Provision has to take place for you to be able to do what Holy Spirit Asked of you.

Church history: The Hebrew children did not want to stop sinning, they were a slave to their sinful nature. Then God Gave them the ten Commandments and Created a way not to destroy them, that was through the sacrifice and death of animals. Results were that Levites had to live while killing animals, and the penalty for the other Hebrews was to give 10 % to the Levites for living. That is ignorance, not relationship with God.

We can live under God’s Words: Obedience is greater than sacrifice. The Sacrifice has been Completed, so now it is a matter of our obedience: Hearing, Obeying and Receiving.

The Sacrifice could only be Given on the Cross by Lord Jesus Who gave His Divine Miracle Blood.

Obedience : you must Hear Holy Spirit yourself before you can obey. My sheep Know My Voice! You cannot hear from another person or read it from a book that is the word of God. (the Bible can be confirmation)

The Word of God for you is Transforming Power of God and personal and only you can Hear for you. When someone else Hears for you, you will still have to Hear for yourself. Miracle Life will come forth for you personally.

About the lady that gave everything she had in the offering basket, Jesus Said: “She gave more than all”. That is the Heart of God and that was her Miracle Provision because God had a relationship with her. That is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And Lord Jesus Watched it Manifest.

When it touches God’s Heart, is it not going to Manifest on the earth?

If the Bible is the Word of God, then Who is God, Holy Spirit and Lord Jesus?

Who Spoke to Moses and the Israelites in the desert and Gave the ten Commandments?

Why were the ten Commandments Given in the first place?

The Israelites told Moses that they did not want God to Speak to them, as they were afraid to die. So they received the ten Commandments and rejected the Living Word of God.

I am talking about Rhema, God’s Spoken Word.

The Bible, Logos (God’s written word) is competing with God, the Author of the Bible and Rhema.

Logos educates the mind and Rhema Transform the mind. The mind and the heart.

Why not go to the Author of the Bible (Holy Spirit) to get your complete Solution for each item in your life and obey, walk in it and receive Miracle Results.

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