When we receive Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit in our lives, They come in to take care of every area in our lives. Salvation, Deliverance, Peace, Healing, Provision etc. Not one area in our lives should be lacking. If we lack in any of these areas, we need to go in deeper to obtain our Solution, repent, listen more carefully to Holy Spirit yield and obey.


God in the Flesh ‘Lord Jesus’ made a way on the cross for us to receive Forgiveness. When we do not experience and receive This Forgiveness in The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus, we cannot forgive. We don’t have it in us to honestly face with forgiveness in our heart whatever hurt us. At best, we can forget. It is like ‘having a log in our eye’ when we have not received This Forgiveness, all we can see is sinful nature. But Lord Jesus’ Miracle Blood will miraculously set us free and do the remaining of who we need to forgive.

If there is someone you need to forgive and you can’t, or you don’t want to, or it does not work after you have done it: put the person or situation in the Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus and turn around and walk away from it and see if you are free. If it does not work, say: “Lord Jesus destroy this person through Your Miracle Blood and resurrect him / her as a child of Yours, but please do it first to me before You do it to them”. If you could have forgiven them yourself, you would have.


What do you have to loose? -YOURSELF- and what you let yourself be made into (are you pleased?)

What do you have to gain? -YOURSELF- as God intended you to be


Say these words from your heart and innermost: God of ALL, I demand You to be in my life Your Way, my way did not work. I accept Your Way through Lord Jesus Christ in Your Miracle Blood and I am willing to listen, to receive Direction and to receive Miracles to accomplish Your Way through Empowerment of Your Holy Spirit.

I say “YES LORD”!!


The verse: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, body, soul, mind and strength. That is where our awareness starts and The Lord starts to receive the Glory. Now I know that God does not love me, but I am a part of Him. I am in you and you are in Me’. This is a hundred and eighty degrees from ‘God loves me’. Thank God that I can experience Him from the inside of Him rather than being on the outside in outer darkness.

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