Hearing Holy Spirit


Lord Jesus said: “Do not be called ‘rabbi’ for One is your Teacher, The Christ”!


“Holy Spirit will Teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you”.


“When He, the Spirit of Truth has come, He Will Guide you into All Truth”.

When we go inside The Miracle Blood of Lord Jesus and are spiritually clean, Holy Spirit will Teach us personally!


When we ask Lord Jesus to be Lord in our lives, to cleans us in His Miracle Blood and to live in our heart, He will Speak to us and we will know when He Speaks and we will know what direction to take and what He wants us to do if we are really honest and listen to Him and not to ourselves, because Lord Jesus said: “My sheep know My Voice”. We must listen with our heart because that is where Lord Jesus Lives and Speaks.


Holy Spirit does not line up to our ideas, we line up to His Ideas, Ways and Will. If we wait for Him to line up to us, we can wait for a long time and nothing will ever happen. We need to seek the Will of God and find out how He Sees it and then yield into it.


I want Your Will to be done now and throughout Eternity in my life.

Your Will and not my will Lord Jesus.

I say YES to Your Will Lord Jesus!!

When you are in God’s Heart, then you will start to know God’s Will and Ways from His Heart in your heart and that will transform your mind to understand and see His Will and His Ways.


If I care what is in Gods Heart, He will Care what about what is in my heart!


We have to subdue ourselves to make a way for His door that is equal to His Small Still Voice. Then we are able to hear His Voice when He Speaks to us and all of the world lines up to the Empowerment of His Small Still Voice.

God’s Small Still Voice in the Bible: When Elia was on the mountain and God revealed Himself to Elia, the Bible says that God came with strong winds, earthquake and fire, but His Presence was not in it. Then Elia heard a Still Small Voice passing by and he wrapped his face with his mantle because The Small Still Voice was God.

And Zechariah 4:6: “It is not by power, not by might but by My Spirit” says the Lord. Notice here that the Spirit of God is more empowering than what we see as power and might.


When Holy Spirit Speaks, yield to it and obey immediately, because when you don’t and try to make up for it later, it does not have the immediate Holy Spirit Result.


The only reason we have conviction is because we did not adhere to Holy Spirit’s Voice and His Given Direction for us in the beginning. Conviction is Holy Spirit given to steer us back on His Path for us that we missed or are about to miss. If we do not adhere to Conviction, we will move into condemnation which is not of God but from ourselves. Repent and get right!

When God Spoke to Jeremiah about the Israelites, each time they agreed to it but then broke it, they had to receive the judgment of God Speaking and the consequence would be implemented through their enemies. Each consequence was more severe than the previous judgment.

When conviction lingers and the mind moves in different choices, you disqualify yourself from complete Holy Spirit Results because it has been tainted by your mind and your ways. Just repent and Holy Spirit might give you another chance, but it will be different and not as good as the first chance. Obedience is greater than sacrifice.

Lord Jesus Miracle Blood makes us grateful and we will have a new beginning. The Miracle Blood keeps us out of hell.

Understand in your heart that Lord Jesus Miracle Blood also makes you eligible to hear Holy Spirit’s Desire and Direction for you and equips you. The requirement is that you put conviction first and it will materialize as Holy Spirit intended from beginning to end.

Look around, including at yourself: This is what we get because of ineligibility or unwillingness to follow to the end of each conviction. Stay with the above and you are in Heaven on earth.


When the people were listening to Lord Jesus, He would Feed and Heal them. When people would challenge Him, they would remain blind and when the people wanted to make Him their king, He walked away from them.


Peter heard Lord Jesus’ Voice: “COME”. The other disciples did not, they stayed in the boat and did not experience the supernatural ‘walking in the Kingdom of Heaven on top of water’ that Peter experienced. Or even the sinking of Peter when he took his eyes off Jesus either. Peter had the desire to obey and received forgiveness when he took his eyes of Lord Jesus. The other disciples received nothing and missed the opportunities they had when Lord Jesus came by.


When Lord Jesus said in Matthew 13:10 “To them it was not given, but I will tell you what it means”, He was talking about people that came to hear Him, but their heart was not ready to receive God’s Ways and give up their ways. But the disciples desired to move in which made them eligible to receive the Explanation of the parables.

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